Scania Super

Scania launches new RME powertrain, which reduces the fuel consumption

18. November 2021
1 minute read

Scania has just launched the new “Super” driveline, which reduces fuel consumption by 8%. The new Super has two motors for RME operation. Scania Super has a 13-liter engine range with up to 560 hp and with a maximum torque of 2800 Nm.

When it comes to RME, Scania Super engines are available with 460 and 500 hp respectively, and for HVO all Scania Super performance variants are available.

This means that by using the new Scania Super engines, when refueling with biodiesel, it is possible to displace even more CO2 and at the same time save fuel consumption, which benefits both fuel economy, the climate, and the environment.

See more in the video below:

Source: Scania

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