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Towards A Sustainable Future

Sustainable products 
Supporting the green agenda

Biofuel Express actively works to converting heavy transport into fossil free fuels and to decarbonise the customers’ whole supply chain – our goal is to be a part of the whole journey and make our customers’ way to less emissions as easy as possible through our renewable products and through our guidance and expertise.

The goal of decarbonising the transport sector and our customers’ supply chains is primarily redeemed through our renewable and sustainable products like HVO100 Renewable Diesel, B100 Biodiesel RME Premium and biogas. All of these products have several environmental and climatic benefits and supports sustainable supply chains by being made from either renewable feedstocks or waste.

What is your sustainability ambition?

We should all make an effort in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

Many businesses have already committed to making a transition towards low-carbon economy by setting bigger and bolder environmental targets that are consistent with the pace, recommended by climate scientists to limit the worst effects of climate change.

Reducing CO2 emissions protects our climate and our communities, but it also makes a good business sense.

We will help you in the process towards low-carbon supply chain and assist you by forming a Business Case fitted your company and supporting its environmental ambition.

Sustainability At Heart

Embedding sustainability into our organisation and business strategy is a key factor for building a healthy, stable and resilient business. As a result, Biofuel Express has identified key focus areas that have the biggest impact on our environmental footprint that are also of utmost importance to our stakeholders and our business. With those areas in mind, clear sustainability targets and expectations for the organisation have been set.

We are using key sustainability performance indicators (KPIs) to meet the identified sustainability goals, allowing us to detect areas for improvement and gather relevant data to track progress. Moreover, sustainability is also integrated across procurement functions, and we are engaging our business partners and other members of our value chain, ensuring that they are undertaking sustainable practices.

Saved CO2 emissions across our customers in 2023

Tonnes CO2-reduction
Total CO2-reduction
People’s yearly CO2 emissions

Are you ready to start the green conversion?

The best biofuels on the market

HVO100 Renewable Diesel

  • Up to 90% CO₂ reduction compared to regular diesel.
  • Odorless and less local emissions.
  • Higher cetane number, more power to the engine.
  • Reduces engine noise (dB).
  • Superior performance down to -32°C.
  • Excellent storage properties, no loss of quality.
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B100 Biodiesel RME Premium

  • Up to 70% CO₂ reduction.
  • Best RME biodiesel quality on the market.
  • Strategically developed for 100% use.
  • Patented finishing.
  • Can be used at low temparatures down to -20°C.
  • Sustainable driving.
More about B100


  • More than 100% CO₂ reduction.
  • Reduces NOx gases by 70%.
  • Large amounts of waste is utilized and nutrients are recycled.
  • Produced by Danish biogas plants.
  • Superior cold poperties down to -82°C.
  • Recycles nitrogen (25%), phosphorus (60%) and potassium (100%).
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Biofuel Express Insight 
Sustainability Made Easy

Biofuel Express Insight presents easy overview of fuel consumption, full sustainability transparency and documentation with just a few clicks.

Its purpose is to provide full insight and thereby work as a tool to reduce their climate impact, as well as document the achieved CO2 savings. In this way, the customers can meet the increased environment and climate requirements of today and in the future:

  • Follow the CO2 reductions
  • Track fuel consumption in real time
  • Download Sustainability reports
  • Insight into raw materials and its origin