Another year of tax exemption for B100 and HVO100

12. October 2020
1 minute read

The European Commission has granted Sweden an additional tax exemption for highly blended biofuels such as HVO100 Renewable Diesel and B100 Biodiesel RME.

This means that an otherwise potential price increase at the turn of the year is postponed. The EU Commission’s decision is valid for one year but will continue to ensure sustainable transport in 2021 and make Sweden less dependent on fossil fuels. Biogas has been tax-exempt for the next ten years.

This has been a current problem, especially in the transport sector, where there continuous are worked at more sustainable solutions to achieve the climate goals, which the Swedish government has worked hard to fulfill. Therefore, the government also intends to continue the work of ensuring that the Energy Taxation Directive and other relevant parts of EU regulations enable cost-effective control against reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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