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Biofuel Express is a leading distributor of 100% fossil free fuels, such as HVO100 Renewable Diesel and B100 Biodiesel RME Premium. Our customers are companies that offer environmentally friendly transportation to clients with high demands on the environment and CO2 reductions.

At Biofuel Express, you get a partner that delivers the best product quality of the market, and professional technical and legislative advice.
Additionally, you get extra value through access to the necessary intelligence and environmental documentation that complies with the environmental requirements of the client and is documented individually.
Our certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems ensure high standards from first order to continuous delivery.

On the supplier side, we collaborate with some of the world’s leading producers of biofuel. The products are of the highest quality and meet all EU criteria for renewable fuels. They also meet the requirements of the largest engine manufacturers, such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes and MAN.

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Saved CO2 emissions across our customers in 2023

(equivalent to the total number of attendees that can fit in Friends Arena in Stockholm.)
Tonnes CO2-reduction
Total CO2-reduction
People’s yearly CO2 emissions

Are you ready to start the green conversion?

Biofuel Express 

Biofuel Express strives to be the largest biofuel specialist, while reducing CO₂ emissions for our customers in the transport sector.

The mission is to increase the availability of biofuels on the market by combining insights into engines, biofuel products and legislation for targeted sales of low-carbon biofuel for the benefit of both bus and trucks customers, and for the benefit of the environment.

We specialise in converting buses and trucks from diesel to 100% fossil-free operation and have delivered biofuels to trucks and buses for over 15 years. We have developed close and long-term partnerships with our customers. Our continued ambition is to be the customer’s natural choice of supplier.

Biofuel Express 

As a customer at Biofuel Express, you will receive personalised service. Our specialists share their knowledge and experience from the biofuels industry to tailor a solution that suits your business, improves the fuel economy and increases your competitiveness.

Biofuel Express was founded in 2008 and has been one of the pioneers in the Scandinavian market for 100% non-fossil fuels. With 15 years of experience and through numerous conversions from fossil to non-fossil fuels, the company has become a leading distributor of 100% non-fossil fuels in Scandinavia for both public transport and hauliers companies, among other things due to a strong network of stations for heavy trucks on strategic key locations at competitive prices.

Our focus is the 100% biofuels market, as we are passionate about the positive environmental impact of renewable fuels.