First Step Towards 
A Greener Transport

Empower Your Fleet with Our Diesel Solutions

Embark on a journey of reliability with our traditional diesel fuel. A staple for generations, our premium diesel ensures robust engine performance and fuel efficiency. From long-haul transportation to daily commutes, trust in the dependability that has stood the test of time.

Diesel B7, a key component in our diesel offerings, contains up to 7% biocomponents, meeting the stringent requirements of the European diesel standard EN590. With a low sulfur content, it contributes to a cleaner environment.

Our commitment extends beyond fuel provision. We understand that your company may not be ready to switch to a more sustainable fuel immediately, and that's perfectly fine. We are here to offer Diesel B7 to fuel your existing fleet of trucks, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Why Choose Diesel From Biofuel Express

  • Smooth Transition
    We acknowledge that transitioning to more sustainable options takes time. Diesel B7 is the ideal choice as you consider greener alternatives.
  • Environmental Benefits
    Reduce your carbon footprint with Diesel B7, designed to meet environmental standards without compromising performance.
  • Fueling Flexibility
    Enjoy extensive fueling options at our 100+ fuel stations across Denmark and Sweden. Additionally, opt for bulk delivery to your own tank at your location for added convenience.

Flexible fuelling options - the choice is yours

Access to +100 stations

All of our stations are open 24/7. All with easy access for heavy transport and our wide selection of fuels.

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Benefits of our fuel card

With a Biofuel Express Card, you can refuel at over 100 stations throughout Sweden and Denmark.

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Bulk delivery and equipment

Biofuel Express delivers fossil-free fuel directly to your own tank or installs new equipment.

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