Biofuel Express Insight 
Sustainability Made Easy

Your Way to Sustainability Documentation

Biofuel Express Insight is the Nordic region's first-ever customer portal meticulously designed to document the CO2 reduction achieved through biofuels. In a landscape marked by escalating demands for comprehensive sustainability documentation, our platform emerges as an essential asset for businesses navigating the realms of ESG reporting and aligning with Science Based Targets.

Offering invaluable insight into results, progress, and ambitions, Biofuel Express Insight stands as a beacon of transparency for all stakeholders.

Is your company ready to take responsibility and make a tangible impact on the climate?
Biofuel Express is your steadfast partner in the transition from fossil fuels to biofuels. With Biofuel Express Insight, you gain access to the market's leading documentation portal for climate reporting, providing the right tool to measure and achieve your climate and environmental goals in alignment with your ESG reporting or Science Based Targets.

Why Biofuel Express Insight is Relevant for You

  • Overview of Fuel Consumption
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your fuel consumption with a user-friendly interface that offers real-time insights.
  • Total CO2 Reduction Calculation
    Navigate through the intricacies of CO2 reduction effortlessly, providing a clear picture of your environmental impact.
  • Insight into Raw Materials and Origin
    Trace the journey of raw materials, understanding their origin and contributing to a supply chain characterized by transparency.
  • Easy Sustainability Report Downloads
    Accessing valid sustainability reports has never been easier. Download professionally curated certificates showcasing your company's commitment to renewable products and their impact on CO2 reduction.

High quality and security

Rest assured, Biofuel Express maintains the highest quality standards, limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Our products carry the esteemed ISCC certification, a global benchmark for transparency in sustainable solutions. This certification not only guarantees traceability throughout the supply chain but also ensures that our products play no part in deforestation, safeguarding biodiversity.

Focus on Security
Biofuel Express Insight is not just a platform; it's a testament to our commitment to security, data quality, and cutting-edge technology. Developed in collaboration with leading specialists in technological software solutions, the portal stands as a fortress against vulnerabilities.