Green Fuel 
Wherever You Need It

The Future of Fuel Convenience

Welcome to a revolutionary solution in the world of refueling – Biofuel Express Mobile Stations. A game-changing innovation that promises unparalleled convenience, sustainability, and flexibility for all your fueling needs.

Imagine a compact 20-foot container, engineered with the utmost safety standards, ready to cater to your specific fuel requirements. With Biofuel Express Mobile Stations, you can bring the fuel station to your doorstep, whether you're at a remote ski resort, bustling construction site, or any location of your choice.

Flexible Deployment, Anytime, Anywhere
Our mobile gas stations are not limited to a fixed location. They can be permanently stationed for long-term needs or easily transported to different locations as often as you require. This level of flexibility means you can adapt to changing circumstances and ensure fuel availability is never a challenge.

Why choose a Biofuel Express Mobile Station

  • Sustainability
    We're committed to reducing carbon footprints. Our stations support eco-friendly fuels, contributing to a greener future.
  • Safety
    Highest safety standards ensure the secure storage and dispensing of fuels.
  • Versatility
    From remote worksites to event venues, our stations adapt to your diverse needs.
  • Convenience
    Say goodbye to long drives to refuel. We come to you, saving time and effort.
  • Customization
    Your choice of fuel ensures compatibility with your vehicles and environmental objectives.

Key features


Biofuel Express Mobile Stations are designed with a focus on mobility. They are crafted to be easily transportable and can be moved around as needed.

Top-notch Safety

Our mobile stations are built in compliance with the highest safety standards. You can trust that your fuel management is both efficient and secure.

Standardized and Easy Installation

Integrated in a standard 20-foot container, our mobile stations are compatible with common container chassis. This standardization simplifies transportation, and the installation is straightforward.

Compliance with Regulations

With a tank capacity of under 10 m3, our mobile stations do not require permits, allowing you to deploy them anywhere without bureaucratic hassles.

Are you ready to start fuelling anywhere?

Biofuel Express Mobile Stations are not just a solution; they are a game-changer in mobile fuel management. Take control of your fuel consumption and make it as flexible as your needs.

Explore our Mobile Stations solution.