Efficiency with Biogas 
Sustainability for Your Fleet

A Commitment to Clean Energy

Biogas from Biogas Express for heavy transport is a premium biofuel crafted from organic sources, including livestock manure and residual resources from agriculture, as well as organic waste from households and industry. As a sustainable alternative to natural gas, petrol, and diesel, it stands out as a second-generation biofuel, offering over 100% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Fuel That Makes a Difference

  • 100% fossil-free and sustainable biogas production
  • Utilization of significant amounts of organic waste and residues
  • Recycling of nutrients as fertilizer for agricultural fields
  • Reduced ammonia evaporation, minimizing odor impact on local communities

Why choose biogas

  • Superior cold resistance, down to -82°C
  • Cost-effective as the most affordable 1st generation biofuel
  • Phosphorus redistribution aligns with new targeted regulations
  • Integrated into the Danish gas storage, storing energy equivalent to 3 months of electricity consumption
  • Enhanced company image and contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ideal for cities, municipalities, transport, and companies with ambitious climate and environmental goals

Our biogas can be conveniently delivered via the common gas network or through on-site tank installations. We tailor turnkey solutions to suit your specific needs and consumption.

Flexible fuelling options - the choice is yours

Access to +100 stations

All of our stations are open 24/7. All with easy access for heavy transport and our wide selection of fuels.

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Benefits of our fuel card

With a Biofuel Express Card, you can refuel at over 100 stations throughout Sweden and Denmark.

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Bulk delivery and equipment

Biofuel Express delivers fossil-free fuel directly to your own tank or installs new equipment.

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