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Biofuel Express Card

With a Biofuel Express Card, you will have access to a network of new unmanned stations specially designed for trucks and buses. Through our card acceptance agreements you will have access to a station network of more than 100 stations across Sweden and Denmark.

After each settlement period you will receive one total bill, specified per card and refuelling.

The card also provides an opportunity to get an overview of your total fuel consumption and the total CO2 reduction.


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Biofuel Express 2-Card

The Biofuel Express dual card system is designed for companies with multiple vehicles driven by different drivers. Your company will be equipped with two different types of cards – one connected to each individual vehicle and one issued to each driver.

To refuel, both the card and the PIN code for the driver card must be used. This additional layer of security ensures heightened protection in case one of the cards falls into the wrong hands.

In addition to providing an overview of total fuel consumption and CO2 reductions, the 2-card solution also offers the opportunity to track which driver has refueled each vehicle.

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Refueling or Delivery?
You Decide

We make it easy for you to access our fuel. You can fill up your tank at one of our numerous refueling stations in Sweden and Denmark, or if you prefer, we can also deliver HVO100 Renewable Diesel directly to your own tank (bulk) through our robust distribution network.

Regardless of your choice, we ensure a secure delivery.

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