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Embrace Sustainability Across Your Supply Chain

Does your company share a green ambition? In today's world, sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a responsibility we all share. While many businesses are making strides towards sustainable practices in materials and energy consumption, there's still much to be done, especially in the realm of heavy transport.

The heavy transport industry plays a significant role in carbon emissions and particulate matter pollution, impacting both the climate and local air quality. To meet environmental goals and governmental regulations, it's crucial to reduce these emissions. Integrating sustainability into your daily operations not only creates long-term value and secures future growth but also benefits the communities where you operate.

Unlock the Benefits of Renewable Fuels

Whether your company has established its own environmental goals or committed to Science Based Targets, working with reducing greenhouse gas emissions will create credibility. Switching your fossil fuel to for example HVO100 Renewable Diesel will have several benefits:

  • It will not cost you extra in time neither in new equipment
    HVO100 Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with your existing fleet. It will only take five minutes to switch!
  • You can set a goal that fits your company and economy
    It is possible to mix HVO100 with regular diesel and gradually increase the fuel amount over time.
  • The performance will be improved
    HVO100 has a cleaner burn, and the hydrocarbon fuel can help to improve operation, eliminating the risk of clogged filters, ensuring problem-free operation in a longer run.

Biofuel Express Insight 
Sustainability Made Easy

Biofuel Express has developed the customer portal ’’Biofuel Express Insight’’. This tool will not only contribute to reaching your environmental targets, but also help to demonstrate concrete sustainability commitments and achievements to stakeholders, municipalities, customers, shareholders and others.

Biofuel Express Insight presents easy overview of fuel consumption, full sustainability transparency and documentation with just a few clicks.

Its purpose is to provide full insight and thereby work as a tool to reduce their climate impact, as well as document the achieved CO2 savings. In this way, the customers can meet the increased environment and climate requirements of today and in the future:

  • Follow the CO2 reductions
  • Track fuel consumption in real time
  • Download Sustainability reports
  • Insight into raw materials and its origin

Our Advicers can help you

Decarbonising a supply chain and getting your suppliers to commit to your environmental goals is not an easy task.

You need to be aware of the most sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels available on the market, make sure your suppliers have access to these technologies, calculate the economic impacts of "going green," and understand the impact it will have on the cost of the end product.

You also need to ensure that these alternatives are truly sustainable and align with your company’s sustainability criteria, contributing to reaching your environmental goals.

We can help you form a business case for decarbonising your supply chain. Fill in the contact form, and we will get in touch with you to learn more about your business.

You will receive a complete overview of the renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, environmental gains, pricing, and accessibility, as well as insights into the renewables market for building a long-term sustainability strategy.

The consultation with our advicers is free of charge, and completing the form is non-binding.

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