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Biofuel Express is your fuel partner, offering unparalleled expertise in biofuels, highly flexible distribution solutions, and a platform for reporting on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

At Biofuel Express, you get the best biofuel products on the market at competitive prices with fast and secure distribution.

We have over 15 years of experience and expertise in the biofuel industry from the Nordic markets, and among our customers are the region’s leading transport companies, large and small.

We work with customised solutions that improve your fuel economy, strengthen your environmental profile and thus your competitiveness.

Biofuel Express can help you:

  • Define your needs and climate goals
  • Find the right solution, product and price
  • Give an offer on tank and/or card solution
  • Ensure sustainability reporting
  • Ongoing advice and support

The best biofuels on the market

HVO100 Renewable Diesel

  • Up to 90% CO₂ reduction compared to regular diesel.
  • Odorless and less local emissions.
  • Higher cetane number, more power to the engine.
  • Reduces engine noise (dB).
  • Superior performance down to -32°C.
  • Excellent storage properties, no loss of quality.
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B100 Biodiesel RME Premium

  • Up to 70% CO₂ reduction.
  • Best RME biodiesel quality on the market.
  • Strategically developed for 100% use.
  • Patented finishing.
  • Can be used at low temparatures down to -20°C.
  • Sustainable driving.
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  • More than 100% CO₂ reduction.
  • Reduces NOx gases by 70%.
  • Large amounts of waste is utilized and nutrients are recycled.
  • Produced by Danish biogas plants.
  • Superior cold poperties down to -82°C.
  • Recycles nitrogen (25%), phosphorus (60%) and potassium (100%).
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Saved CO2 emissions across our customers in 2023

Tonnes CO2-reduction
Total CO2-reduction
People’s yearly CO2 emissions

Are you ready to start the green conversion?

Biofuel Express Insight 
Sustainability Made Easy

Biofuel Express Insight presents easy overview of fuel consumption, full sustainability transparency and documentation with just a few clicks.

Its purpose is to provide full insight and thereby work as a tool to reduce their climate impact, as well as document the achieved CO2 savings. In this way, the customers can meet the increased environment and climate requirements of today and in the future:

  • Follow the CO2 reductions
  • Track fuel consumption in real time
  • Download Sustainability reports
  • Insight into raw materials and its origin

Flexible fuelling options - the choice is yours

Access to +100 stations

All of our stations are open 24/7. All with easy access for heavy transport and our wide selection of fuels.

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Benefits of our fuel card

With a Biofuel Express Card, you can refuel at over 100 stations throughout Sweden and Denmark.

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Bulk delivery and equipment

Biofuel Express delivers fossil-free fuel directly to your own tank or installs new equipment.

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